Birkenstock Showroom New York City

Distinctive brand image

With an impressive view over Manhattan, brandherm + krumrey designed Birkenstock’s showroom in New York. For the shoe brand, which is extremely popular in the USA, the floor of a skyscraper became a fashion representation. The interior design is based on the brand image created by brandherm + krumrey for the company’s international locations. The design of the showroom combines urban coolness with Birkenstock’s tradition of using high-quality materials. Light natural woods and other natural materials such as leather or felt dominate the calm ambience. Contrasting with this are black industrial-look lights and the midnight blue hue of the ceiling and walls. The open space impression and a long table for sales talks in the center create an inviting atmosphere. Open shelves on the walls display the current collections as exclusive fashion pieces. The focus is not on pure business, but on an emotional impression. The brand is given a distinctive presence, while also being able to tell its story in a physical space.


New York City


Laura Thiesbrummel