1. mandatory information about the service provider according to § 5 para. 1 TMG (German Telemedia Act)

brandherm + krumrey interior architecture
Interior Architects PartGmbB
Schanzenstraße 27
D – 51063 Cologne
T +49 (0) 221 / 9 32 10 -36

brandherm + krumrey interior architecture
Interior Architects PartGmbB
Thunder road 20
D – 22763 Hamburg
T +49 (0) 40 / 65 04 46 -50

2. responsible for the content of journalistic and editorial offerings within the meaning of § 55 RStV (Interstate Broadcasting Treaty)

Susanne Brandherm, Sabine Krumrey
Address: as above

Privacy policy

1. scope

This data protection declaration applies to the internet offer of brandherm + krumrey. It does not apply to other Internet offers to which we merely refer by means of a link.

2. access to web pages and files of our Internet offer

Each time a user accesses a page from our Internet offering and each time a file is retrieved, our web server automatically stores and processes data about this process in a log file. In detail, the following data is stored for each access/retrieval:

  • IP address of the requesting computer
  • Date and time of the request
  • accessed page/name of the accessed file
  • Data volume transferred
  • Message whether the access/retrieval was successful
  • Internet address from which the page or file was accessed or the desired function was initiated.
  • Web browser used

The aforementioned data, including the IP address, is stored for the duration of the communication process in order to enable the use of our Internet service. In addition, the IP address is stored for a short period of time to ensure IT security, in particular to protect our IT systems from misuse and to defend against attacks.
We reserve the right to evaluate the data in anonymized form for statistical purposes and to improve our Internet offering.

3. email

On our web site, we allow you to send e-mails to us. If you send us a message via e-mail, we will store your information, including your e-mail address, to the extent that we need your data to process your request. If you send us an unencrypted e-mail, the e-mail is not protected against unauthorized access or modification by third parties during transmission.

Terms of use

1. scope

These terms of use apply to the internet offer of brandherm + krumrey. They do not apply to other Internet offers to which we merely refer by means of a link.

2. contents

We provide our Internet offer free of charge and without access restriction. By using our internet offer or contacting us, no contract is concluded with us. There is no claim to uninterrupted availability of our Internet offer.
We reserve the right to change, update, supplement or delete information on our website in whole or in part without prior notice and at our own discretion.
We make every effort to select all information provided on our website with care and to update or supplement it as necessary. However, we cannot guarantee that the information on our website is up-to-date, complete and correct.

3. responsibility

Our web pages contain our own information and information from third parties.
As a service provider within the meaning of telemedia law, we are responsible for our own information that we make available for use on our website in accordance with general legislation.
Our responsibility for third-party information is limited in accordance with legal requirements, in particular in accordance with the principles developed for “Stoererantwortlichkeit” (Breach of Duty of Care) and in accordance with §§ 7 ff. of the German Telemedia Act (TMG). If third-party information on our website, in particular information on services on the hit pages, gives cause for complaint, please inform us.
A distinction must be made between our own information on our website and, among other things, cross-references (links) to information provided by other service providers. The responsibility for such information lies solely with the service provider who provides the information as his own. Information in such Internet offers can be changed at any time without our knowledge. If we should refer to web pages, whose contents give cause for complaint, we ask for communication.

4. copyrights and rights of use

Our Internet offer is legally protected both as a whole and in parts. In particular, content and files on our website are protected worldwide by German copyright law and international agreements. The same applies to the selection and arrangement of the information, texts, news, tables, graphics, maps, image material and video sequences. Insofar as we are the holders of copyrights and rights of use, we agree that you may print out content from our Internet site for your personal use. The same applies to downloading and saving content, insofar as this is done for your personal use. For the rest, the duplication, processing, distribution and/or making available to the public of legally protected content – unless permitted by law – requires the prior consent of the copyright holder. In particular, we do not agree that a web page or file belonging to our Internet offer is integrated by means of a link in a window (frame) or displayed, for example, by means of inline links, so that the impression is created that the web page or file of our Internet offer is part of another Internet offer. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2017 brandherm + krumrey


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