The building sector is one of the largest producers of climate-damaging emissions.
Buildings are responsible for up to 30 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.
54 % of German waste is construction and demolition waste.
Through sustainable planning, resources can be conserved, preserved and reused.
People spend 90 % of their time indoors. Sustainable building creates a healthy indoor climate.

Sources: DGNB Publikation – Kein „Ja , aber…“ mehr; DGNB Publikation – Bauprodukte im Blick der Nachhaltigkeit

What we do

We take a holistic approach to interior design in dialogue with our clients.
An appealing design, the well-being of the users and environmental aspects are all considered in equal measure.
In discussions with the client, we define individual sustainability goals for each project at an early stage. These focal points are accompanied by us from planning to completion.
In this way, we jointly contribute to a positively designed and sustainably built environment.

Phase Sustainability

We have been a member of the DGNB and the Phase Sustainability initiative since 2020.
The aim of the initiative is to transform planning practice towards sustainability as the new normal. Instead of signing another climate manifesto, interior designers, architects and engineers commit to pushing the most important sustainability topics of the Sustainability Declaration in their discussions with clients.


Carolina Hahn (Cologne office) and Oliver Schau (Hamburg office) are our contact persons and experts in the field of sustainability. But of course all our other employees are also passionate about the topic.
We look forward to realising sustainable projects with you.

b-k-i intern

We are energy-conscious on the road:
Promotion of the job ticket, job bike, business trips (if possible) by train.
We pay attention to the sustainable use of resources:
And we take care of the well-being of our employees:
Promotion of sports activities, weekly fruit basket, height-adjustable desks.