Gud Jard Resorts Pellworm

Healthy refuge

Sophisticated interior design and a healthy living construction method are combined by brandherm + krumrey in the Gud Jard Resort on the North Sea island of Pellworm. Directly at the Wadden Sea 38 vacation houses form here the first living-healthy vacation resort in Germany. After more than three years of development, the unique concept was implemented as a prototype for other resorts. The special feature: The interiors and individual pieces of furniture of the Gud Jard Resort, which were completely designed by brandherm + krumrey, are all made of low-pollutant natural materials. All furniture pieces have been specially redesigned for Gud Jard Resort and will be further developed as product design. Friendly and bright colors as well as high-quality furniture made of solid wood characterize the interior of the vacation homes. A lounge-like atmosphere in the living areas as well as the wide view of the landscape make the stay an extraordinary experience and allow for a lasting time-out. More information at

Gud Jard Resorts



Joachim Grothus