The Fizz

Experience community

The Fizz is a new housing concept offered by International Campus GmbH for students. Central to the brand philosophy is experiencing community in fully furnished apartment homes. For the latest location in Freiburg, brandherm + krumrey therefore designed the public areas such as a lounge, a gaming room, a study room and a communal kitchen. Based on the brand’s own color scheme, a stimulating setting was created for the residents to get together. Even the lobby of the Freiburg branch refers to the brand essence of The Fizz: Selected design and friendly bright colors emphasize the inviting ambience of the temporary living offer. Groups of upholstered chairs and seating niches are spread throughout the reception area, inviting people to relax or have conversations together. Together with the local art school, pictures were created for the walls with a very personal touch. The pleasant materiality and colorfulness of the reception continue in the other common spaces. Loosely grouped lounge furniture here allows flexible use for different occasions. Built-ins complement the individual pieces of furniture and provide customized storage space. A wall graphic playfully connects the shared areas. The idea of communal living thus gave rise to a lively and individual space design that not only strengthens the brand but also sets standards for future locations.

International Campus GmbH



Marina Geckeler