Apartments Changchun


Homely simplicity

To promote cooperation between Germany and China, the Talent Industrial Park was founded in the Changchun metropolis. The project in the northeast of the People’s Republic of China is planned as a green “car city”. Among other things, apartment buildings for international experts from the automotive industry are being built on the site. An international community is to be created, with the majority of experts coming from Germany. The high-quality interior design of the apartments was developed by brandherm + krumrey with the Chinese partner office RhineScheme. The large-scale construction project in Changchun is planned, among other things, to improve local living conditions. A green corridor with various recreational facilities connects the individual apartment buildings. Special attention in the design of the apartments is paid to the needs of young families. Based on German characteristics such as pragmatism and simplicity, the design translates these requirements into an elegant living environment. Open floor plans with flowing transitions between the kitchen, dining area and living room create generous impressions of space. Light colors and materials create a pleasantly restrained framework for domestic life. The selected furniture design also conveys a calm simplicity with its filigree forms. The fact that the apartments are just as cozy and lively is thanks to upholstered armchairs, carpets and other textiles, as well as colorful artwork on the walls. This simple style not only accommodates a modern understanding of living, but also helps the international experts to settle in the new environment with a different culture.

Round Investment Group

Changchun, China


RhineScheme Design Group,

brandherm + krumrey/RhineScheme