Student dormitory in Reutlingen

Living together

The interior design we created for the student dormitory in Reutlingen is based on the idea of a shared apartment. In addition to the 182 rooms, spacious communal areas provide for lively interaction among residents. Each of the open spaces has a personal touch to create a feel-good ambiance. Bright warm colors characterize the co-living spaces and provide better orientation. The student dormitory of GWG – Wohnungsgesellschaft Reutlingen mbH was built according to a design by the architectural firm be_planen. The classic entrance area in the basement forms a friendly entrance to the building, which offers open communication areas on all floors. There is a separate area for each occasion of living together. For example, the basement houses the communal kitchen with a loft-like area that can be used for dining or even studying. The library invites to concentrated work with reading berths in calm blue. Those who want to retreat will find a kitchenette and a wet room in their apartment. The interior combines a clean and timeless design with warm wood tones for a homey ambiance. Pull-out beds and built-in furniture ensure optimal use of the available room space. Co-working spaces for collaborative study are located between the individual residential units. The inviting atmosphere with colorful niches and seating cushions also promotes a lively community here.

GWG – Wohnungsgesellschaft Reutlingen mbH




Project Team
Susanne Brandherm, Carolina Hahn, Nadja Lauerer, Oliver Schau

Joachim Grothus