Apartments for Havens Living

Inspiring living environment

Havens Living offers fully equipped temporary apartment buildings for young professionals. At the existing location in Hamburg, the living concept of International Campus GmbH was to be revived with new interior designs. brandherm + krumrey developed twelve sample rooms in three new styles for the redesign of the existing apartments. The intention was to address different needs of the young target group with the spatial design. In addition, the location was to be better adapted to the brand philosophy. Glass partitions, carpentered furniture and suspended steel shelves zone the twelve sample apartments and divide them into sleeping, living and kitchen areas. This allows optimal use of the compact living space while maintaining the open spatial impression. The three interior concepts are available for different requirements in the 28 to 60-square-metre apartments. For those who like it colourful and creative, the Artist design style offers an inspiring living environment. Here, fresh colours, warm materials and textures set individual highlights. The Tech style flats, on the other hand, feature a rather timeless design. Combinations of dark and warm colours, metal and stone surfaces create a classic, elegant ambience. The relaxed look of the Zen interior also creates a feel-good atmosphere. Here, natural materials such as wood or stone and subtle colour shades dominate the soothingly clean interior design. Furniture, colours and fixtures form a coherent overall impression in all flats, which conveys high quality and at the same time invites residents to relax.

International Campus GmbH



Project Team
Anni Rosenberg, Milla Anttila, Catharina Wegener-Thiel

Joachim Grothus