Gesundheit Nord

Natural well-being

With four hospitals, the Gesundheit Nord hospital group in Bremen is one of the largest municipal hospital groups in Germany. The standard was correspondingly high when we were commissioned with a design concept for the elective service area. The overall goal: to develop a uniform material and form language for several locations and stations. The focus was on rooms such as patient rooms with bathrooms, lounge, corridor and base. Based on the concept we developed, we were able to implement our ideas in a sample room for the Bremen-Mitte Clinic. People become healthy faster when they feel comfortable in the spatial environment. The guiding principle for our design concept was therefore to create a hospitable and inviting atmosphere. Patients should feel welcome and in good hands at the hospital. Warm, muted colors and materials with a natural look and pleasant feel serve as the basis for this. The basic color mood is restrained and friendly. To facilitate orientation, we recommend clear zoning of public areas in our concept. This clarity is supported with spot lighting, which at the same time provides visual variety. A stylish visual language in the wayfinding as well as artistically designed walls set sensual accents. The fact that a hospital can also be homelike is demonstrated by the showroom in the Bremen-Mitte Clinic, which was designed on the basis of our concept. Muted shades of green and gray, as well as many wooden surfaces, convey an environment that is as relaxed as it is natural. The clear ambience is softened with colorful accessories such as pendant lamps and coat hooks. With muted green tones and natural wood, the sample bathroom also conveys a homely atmosphere and thus contrasts with the usual functionality of such wet rooms. The lighting offers individual lighting scenarios in both the bathroom and the main room. Plenty of storage space and various seating options for patients and visitors round off the health-promoting design concept.

Health North gGmbH

Project Team
Susanne Brandherm, Andreas Jacob, Janina Jäkel



Joachim Grothus