Locomotive shed in Marburg

Moving transformation

The former locomotive shed in Marburg was left to decay for decades. In 2017, entrepreneur Gunter Schneider recognized the potential of semicircular brick architecture. His vision: The industrial monument should be transformed into a special cultural and meeting place. During the planning process, brandherm + krumrey were commissioned with the design of the catering facilities. Due to the history of the locomotive shed, the design idea was quickly clear: the special nature of the location should be artistically reflected in the new interior design.

The newly designed catering area is divided into three units. An a la carte restaurant, a deli and a bar. The design of these areas is inspired by the old rail tracks leading to the locomotive shed, which have been overgrown by greenery over the years. The linear direction of the former track is now crossed and complemented with the lines of movement of the newly laid wooden floors. At the crossing lines, “crossing points” were created – open constructions made of steel profiles, from which lush plants “grow”. Large green plants distributed throughout the hall areas complement these “growth showcases” and create a homely ambience.

The color and material concept is also based on the historical inventory. Light, bright greens or darker, earthier colors contrast the red brick walls. Colorful accents are set with brightly colored tables and chairs, which contrast with the overall mood of the interior with many wood and stone surfaces. Also striking are the large luminaires with acoustically effective textile structure floating above the gastro areas. In stark contrast to their lightness are the steel walkways of an upper gallery level, which offers impressive views into the wide hall space.

Simple wooden chairs, bar stools or lounge furniture provide casual seating in the deli and at the bar. The relaxed, elegant ambience is also enhanced by patterned floor tiles and a large wall panel with an abstract organic flowing image motif. In the combination of old and new, an extraordinary place has been created, whose charm results from the design concept, which is as independent as it is related to the existing building.

Gunter Schneider

Project Team
Julia Dörffel, Catharina Wegener-Thiel



Bernward Paulick

Joachim Grothus

ICONIC AWARDS 2023 | Winner Innovative Architecture