Natural cosmetics in the Old Town Hall

Relaxed Naturalness

With the use of real plants in treatments, Naturkosmetik im Alten Rathaus promises a special experience. The location in an old building from the Baroque period in Cologne-Deutz, a district on the right bank of the Rhine, is special in itself. When designing the premises on the ground floor, the interior design aimed to support the natural cosmetics approach and create a soothing atmosphere.   The design concept by brandherm + krumrey initially focused on adapting the existing spatial structure to the requirements of natural cosmetics. Floor-to-ceiling windows along the paved courtyard passage of the old building invite customers to enter. The straightforward design concept, featuring a reception cube clad in natural wood and ceramic tiles, creates a clear and calm spatial impression in the entrance area. This also defines the treatment rooms with loungers and a wall-length cabinet and shelving unit. The Asian-inspired minimalism of the furnishings is contrasted here with the warm natural wood shades of the base cabinets and the dark wooden floor. The natural choice of materials and colours, including turquoise and green hues with delicate pink highlights, conveys freshness and liveliness – just like the results promised by natural cosmetics. An eye-catcher is the wall tapestry with plant ornaments, which visually extends the space with a backlit mirror at the end of the corridor. The indirect lighting concept and selected accessories also create subtle accents, contributing to the overall cosy ambience of the new natural cosmetics studio in the Old Town Hall.

Sarah Bast



Project team
Susanne Brandherm, Carla Bayer, Svenja Klaner

Joachim Grothus

Sustainability aspects

People in the rooms
Subtle, natural choice of colours, calm and cosy atmosphere to promote relaxation and well-being, pleasant indoor climate.

Spatial quality
Clear and friendly room structure, natural lighting and indirect lighting concept for a pleasant spatial effect and accentuation.

Choice of materials
Use of natural wood and woven textiles, delicate looking shelves made of thin metal profiles.

Floor plan