Event Hotels Sedanstraße

Service Center

Quiet accents

The Event Hotels company operates more than 80 exclusive brand hotels in over 50 destinations in Europe. In the Service Center on Sedanstraße in Cologne, brandherm + krumrey were able to realize an inspiring office world. A calm feel-good atmosphere with surprising details characterizes the total of 140 workplaces. The premises of the Service Center, which is responsible among other things for the Europe-wide reservation of the hotels, extend over two floors. To make working here as pleasant as possible, there is a bistro, lounge and other social areas in addition to employee service areas. Since a lot of phone calls are made, room acoustics are an important issue. brandherm + krumrey made a creative virtue out of these special requirements. Muted colors and sound-absorbing materials create a concentrated working atmosphere. In contrast to the function-oriented office spaces, the common rooms were given a restrained, homely ambience. Sculptural lights and friendly colored acoustic elements on the walls provide surprising accents.

EVENT Hotels – Event Hospitality Management Holding GmbH & Co KG



Joachim Grothus