Design concept and sample room for Diakovere

Healing perspective

In the beginning is the human being — with this mission statement, the Protestant company Diakovere operates various hospitals in Hannover. Based on this motto, brandherm + krumrey were commissioned with an overarching design concept for several locations and wards. A joint workshop with the company focusing on the special requirements for the interior design served as the basis. The planned spatial elements could thus be transferred to the existing situation according to organisational and emotional needs.

brandherm + krumrey have illustrated their approach, which aims to make the patient’s stay in hospital as pleasant as possible, through planning examples for key areas of the wards such as reception, corridor, lounge and patient rooms. Even the patient admission area is designed to address any fears or anxieties about the hospital stay. An open and well-lit reception area allows for quick orientation and creates an inviting atmosphere. Rounded shapes and warm colours have a calming effect. A sample room with a bathroom was implemented at the Henriettenstift Clinic to exemplarily illustrate the design of patient rooms.

The hospital’s human-centred philosophy is spatially translated into various design elements: natural materials and colours, light and shadow, and organic forms. The result stands out significantly from the functional austerity of many hospital rooms: surfaces in natural wood look for floor coverings and wall panels, together with a rounded niche with subtle lighting for the bed and soothing shades, lend the room a comforting atmosphere. The furniture, consisting of upholstered chairs, a bench with a round table and a secretary, also contributes to the home-like design. To facilitate the healing process, the bathroom, hidden behind a rounded green wall, is also designed to be as homely as possible. The barrier-free space meets all hygienic requirements but does not feel like a sterile wet room, thanks to atmospheric lighting and natural wood elements. Adaptation planning is underway to implement this concept at three Diakovere locations.

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Project Team
Susanne Brandherm, Andreas Jacob, Livia Chan

Joachim Grothus

Sustainability aspects

Building in existing contexts
Conversion, modernisation and upgrading of existing hospital spaces

Development of an operator-independent design concept that can be transferred to several wards and locations

People in space
Promotion of well-being and the healing process, creation of a spatial quality for regeneration, barrier-free environment

Choice of materials & quality of space
Consideration of environmental aspects when choosing materials, design for all the senses