Office location for Art-Invest Real Estate in Düsseldorf

Flowing Spatial Structure

Since its opening in 2013, the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf has become a landmark of the city. The iconic building ensemble, designed by star architect Daniel Libeskind, is part of the portfolio of Art-Invest Real Estate. The company sees itself as a project developer, asset manager and investor with a long-term orientation, specialising in high-quality urban projects. The Düsseldorf office location has now been relocated to the company’s own Kö-Bogen. For the 420 square metres of space, brandherm + krumrey created an interior design that transforms the existing spatial structure into a flowing work environment. The design of the new branch embraces the unusual building structure while reflecting the creative aspiration of Art-Invest Real Estate. The award-winning real estate company considers its own attributes to include not only creativity but also adaptability and flexibility. The new office concept by brandherm + krumrey embraces these characteristics and translates them into a sensitive adaptation of the existing space. The already installed high-quality partition walls on the office floor in the Kö-Bogen were largely retained. The office spaces facing the outer walls were only redesigned with a new colour and material concept, whereas the interior office space and the rooms facing the roof terrace underwent significant changes. To bundle various functions such as a kitchenette, restrooms and a work lounge, brandherm + krumrey designed an open elliptical spatial structure that echoes the building’s gently curved exterior walls. It both divides and connects the individual areas at a central point, creating different settings for individual or team work. Along the outside of the ellipse, a rounded long desk forms a flexible working area, while inside a work lounge provides space for team meetings or small group discussions. At the back, the ellipse leads into the rear office area with access to the roof terrace. Here, a staff lounge serves as a meeting point for communal meals, social events or meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. Similar to the other areas, the basic colour mood here is dominated by subtle, light grey and beige shades. Walls and seating furniture in shades of red or blue, as well as wallpaper with floral or abstract patterns, add occasional colourful accents. Natural wood and textile surfaces as well as understated lighting further enhance the pleasant and inviting ambience. Curved LED arches on the ceiling look like light sculptures and emphasise the flowing character that distinguishes the new office world of Art-Invest Real Estate.

Art Invest Real Estate



Lindner Architekten (execution) / ABW Architekten (project management)

Project team
Susanne Brandherm, Oliver Schau, Kim Falger, Martin Dierolf

Joachim Grothus

Sustainability aspects

Building in existing contexts
Conversion, modernisation and upgrading of existing office spaces

People in the rooms
Needs-based planning after exchange with employees, promotion of well-being and identification, creation of different indoor/outdoor work situations

Spatial quality
Design for all senses, natural lighting and restrained lighting concept, measures to improve room acoustics, pleasant colour scheme

Choice of materials
Light colours, natural woods (oak) and woven textiles, carpeting with high proportion of recycled materials

Floor plan