Birkenstock Showroom Cologne

Langen Palace

Flexible branding

The Palais Langen in Cologne was formerly the headquarters of the Gerling Group’s management. The historically significant building was recently modernized for contemporary office use. In the converted stately premises, brandherm + krumrey implemented, among other things, a modular showroom concept for Birkenstock. Filigree elegance and natural materials convey the feel-good philosophy of Germany’s largest shoe manufacturer. Birkenstock shoes with the characteristic footbed are popular design accessories for everyday life all over the world. The company therefore not only operates international stores and outlets, but also local showrooms where the spirit of the brand can be experienced. With showrooms in London and Tokyo, among other places, brandherm + krumrey have already developed an exemplary concept for the international communication of the brand identity. The new showroom concept “The Modul Frame” has now been implemented for the first time at Palais Langen in Cologne. The flexible room elements can be quickly assembled and disassembled and fit into different interiors. Filigree metal frames for shelves, tables or exhibition cubes give the presentation a lightness that contrasts here with the dignified ambience in Palais Langen. Natural materials such as wood, felt or cork characterize the surfaces of the foam furniture and form a warm counterpoint to the marble floors and wood paneling of the building. Shoe models are displayed like precious individual pieces, while a long table with a solid oak top and airy bar stools invites informal meetings. Thus, the new showroom concept with combination furniture, various presentation areas and “honest” materials creates an elegant setting for customer discussions and at the same time brings the nature-oriented product philosophy to the point. In addition to the showrooms, brandherm + krumrey also designed Birkenstock’s office space with approx. 50 workstations as well as the meeting rooms and the outdoor area.




Joachim Grothus