Helix Hub Berlin


Tailored networking

In the middle of Berlin, a new office building offers a special infrastructure for companies from the healthcare industry. The Helix Hub enables diverse forms of collaboration with a modern office world. For the interior design, brandherm + krumrey realized customized room concepts. Open workspaces alternate with residential areas for informal exchange and places for concentrated individual work. An ambience with high-quality material accents offers an optimal environment for agile forms of work in the sense of New Work. Inside, a modern office world for coworking was created on approx. 3,500 square meters Flexible floor plans offer the possibility to use the premises individually and to adapt them to changes. The interior design of the eight-story office building focused on the idea of networking. Ultimately, the Helix Hub is intended to enable innovative companies to engage in goal-oriented collaborations. Even the spacious entrance area is both reception and coworking space. As an eye-catcher, a long curved light sculpture “the Helix” dominates the inviting foyer. Under it, the themes: “Arrive, Linger, Work, Coffeepoint” are divided one after the other, thus connecting the themes in the space.

Prof. Dr. Med. Dr.jur. Christian Dierks



Platena Jagusch Architects Berlin

Joachim Grothus