Cardiology practice in Mediapark

Holistic approach

“Cardiologist with all her heart” is Dr. Bettina Kuper’s motto. The most innovative techniques in diagnostics and progressive forms of therapy characterize the approach of this experienced physician. brandherm + krumrey translated the individual offer of their Kardimed practice into a private ambience. Aesthetics and function combine here in an overarching spatial concept. The offer of the Kardimed practice is especially aimed at women and patients with cancer. Characteristic of the treatment tailored to personal needs is a holistic approach. Both cardiological and sports cardiological experience is incorporated into the medical work. This special approach is already noticeable during the reception in the practice. Homey furnishings, warm pastel tones and shiny bronze surfaces create a personal atmosphere. The eye-catching effect is provided by a surrounding wooden cladding made of oak round bars, which connects the reception and waiting areas to form a single spatial unit. Homely accents can also be found in the bright treatment rooms with state-of-the-art technical equipment. Wall wallpaper with floral motifs and upholstered armchairs and room dividers also create a calm and relaxing environment here. Thus, the interior design reflects not only the innovative treatment approach, but also the feel-good aspect – both essential points that support the healing process in addition to medical expertise.

Bettina Kuper, MD



Joachim Grothus