Guesthouse in Sweden

Room with a view

Anyone who enters the guesthouse in Instölid, north of Gothenburg, Sweden, experiences a small spatial miracle. Despite its small size, the reduced design of the interior makes it look spacious and open. With modular elements, different spatial situations are made possible. The guesthouse with a view of the sea and the archipelago was realized by brandherm + krumrey with a holistic design concept. In addition to the interior design, they also took on the construction and design of the entire building. The functional areas inside such as bed, shower and mini kitchen are arranged in a rail along the central space. They can be added by folding out or opening and closing the sliding elements. Thanks to the completely opening window fronts, the room also expands to the outside – a living experience on 15 square meters.


Instölid, Sweden


Krister Engström