Blood Donor Room

University Campus Hamburg

Stimulating nonchalance

How are students motivated to donate blood between the lecture hall and the cafeteria? This was the question brandherm + krumrey faced when designing a blood donation room on the main campus of the University of Hamburg. The answer is an unusual interior design that eliminates potential threshold fears with tongue-in-cheek nonchalance. The clear ambience is characterized by design details that interpret the theme of blood donation in a playful way. Tiled or smooth walls in white and black convey a hygienic impression and at the same time serve as image carriers for medical symbols and the lettering “Blutsgeschwister”. Red lines and wires run through the room like veins. The unusually stylish design for such an environment has a stimulating effect. Since the opening, “Bloody Thursday” has been held every Thursday with great success.

Hamburg University



Joachim Grothus