Saarland University Hospital

New building for internal medicine

The patient in view

Saarland University Hospital is considered the leading hospital in southwestern Germany. The central new building IMED in the immediate vicinity of the surgery and diagnostics center has further strengthened medicine at the Homburg site: short distances, innovative equipment and optimized processes enable future-oriented diagnostics and therapy for patients as well as effective research and teaching. The design of the interiors by brandherm + krumrey particularly meets the needs of the patients and thus complements the architectural concept of WörnerTraxlerRichter. As soon as visitors enter the clinic, the spacious foyer welcomes them with bright and friendly colors. The powerful green tones of the facades continue in more delicate variations on the walls and interior finishes. In the cafeteria located above the main entrance, warm colors and light-colored furniture also support the open spatial impression. Sunny, warm colors are also found in the patient rooms, whose subtle interior design is supported by materials inspired by nature. Beyond high-performance medicine, spaces for rest and regeneration were created here.

Saarland University Hospital