REWE Markt GmbH West


Welcome Space

Since its foundation, the REWE Group has had its headquarters in Cologne. The retail group’s West branch is located in nearby Hürth-Efferen and dates back to the 1990s. As the design of its reception was no longer up to date, brandherm + krumrey were commissioned to modernize the 160 square meter foyer. The result offers employees and visitors a spatial situation that is as inviting as it is surprising. A design challenge during the modernization was the fire protection requirement to spatially divide the foyer into two sections. Looking at the two areas of the original staircase and the actual reception, brandherm + krumrey developed the idea for a multifunctional room-within-a-room. The first impression upon entering the branch is very clear: Next to the staircase, which acts as an eye-catcher with its sculptural form, there is the reception zone as a spacious box with various functions. On the one hand, it directs access, but also serves as a temporary workspace and meeting area. Here, the room-within-a-room solution can be clearly read. A dynamic and “roughe” design with the open cap ceiling of the existing building as well as the indirect lighting further support the clear spatial impression. The friendly color and material selection reflects the corporate identity and at the same time translates it into a soothing and inviting ambience. Classic reception functions were thus supplemented to form the REWE Welcome Lounge.

REWE Markt GmbH Zweigniederlassung West



Project management
Thomas Bitz/ REWE

Interior design
Bücker room concepts

Joachim Grothus