LIST Group Nordhorn/Bielefeld

Openness with system

“Office real estate holistically thought through” is a motto of the LIST Group. This comprehensive approach also shaped the planning of the two new corporate headquarters. With the claim “Our Office”, the office buildings in Nordhorn and Bielefeld were designed from the inside out. The main idea was the image of a light hangar. For the resulting working landscapes, brandherm + krumrey developed an interior design that was as open as it was systematic. The main actor here is a flexible spatial element. In the office buildings developed by RKW Architektur +, enclosed spaces were largely avoided. Ceiling heights of 6.40 meters and visible installations further emphasize the openness of the two-story new buildings. The greatest possible flexibility and openness also play a central role in the office spaces. They are planned for agile working and have almost no fixed fixtures. In order to nevertheless enable the structuring of individual areas, brandherm + krumrey designed an intelligent system furniture. The multifunctional steel grid consists of individual panels that act as flexible room dividers. Thanks to their low height, the overall open character of the hall-like interiors is preserved. With the help of the system elements, variable areas can be configured and hybrid project spaces can be formed. In addition, where meetings are held in larger groups, floor-to-ceiling sliding partitions offer variable possibilities for occupancy and use. The social heart of the buildings is the central “Deli” on the first floor, where light meals are freshly prepared. Loosely grouped tables and upholstered furniture invite employees and co-workers to share. Carpets and many green plants create a pleasant atmosphere. The eye-catcher in each case is the six-meter-high tree in the center of the new buildings, which contributes to the good office climate. As a tongue-in-cheek reference to the profession of the LIST Group, materials from the construction industry were used. The recurring use of the orange tone from the client’s logo is also based on the corporate design. In the rather muted color environment of the new working world, furniture, fixtures and accessories in bright orange repeatedly set colorful accents. The extent of the system concept in the new buildings can be seen in the overall structural concept: The buildings can be extended along the axes if required, so that here too rapid adaptation is possible thanks to prefabricated construction. The interplay of open architecture and spatial planning thus created extremely variable working worlds for the up-and-coming group of companies.

LIST Group

Nordhorn, Bielefeld


RKW Architecture +

Planning Team
Melanie Leigers, Sabine Krumrey

Joachim Grothus, a|w|sobott