LEIQ – Danfoss Company Restaurant

Positive Energy

“Engineering Tomorrow” is the motto of Danfoss, one of the world’s leading providers of heating and cooling technology. Accordingly, the building technology installed at the company’s new German headquarters is innovative. The LEIQ building complex in Offenbach was designed as one of the first completely CO2-neutral office buildings in Germany. The “positive energy” of this concept was transferred by brandherm + krumrey to the design of the company catering facilities in the new building. An open spatial landscape with comfortable meeting points for collaborative exchanges was created to cater for employees and guests.

The design concept for the company restaurant on the first floor is titled “From Cold to Warm”. The central serving counter in the over 500-square-metre area was given a fresh appearance expressed with cool shades of blue, 3D tiles and stainless steel elements. The further one moves away from the curved counter, the warmer the interior design becomes. Oak-panelled walls lead to the dining areas, where they create a pleasant atmosphere. Meandering red light strips on the ceiling add decorative accents and refer to the colour of the company logo. The Danish origin of Danfoss is also reflected in an adjoining lounge for more intimate gatherings. Here, walnut surfaces, orange upholstered furniture and wooden designer luminaires convey Scandinavian cosiness. The hospitable atmosphere invites people to dine in small groups or work on their laptops. Thus, employees are provided with various options for spending time together as well as a positive and relaxed spatial experience.

HT Immobilien Management GmbH



holger meyer gmbh, Frankfurt

Gastronomical planning
Kolb Planung GmbH & Co. KG, Oldenburg

Project team
Susanne Brandherm, Julia Dörffel, Andreas Jacob, Carolina Hahn, Maria Rebrova

Joachim Grothus

Sustainability aspects

People in the rooms Subtle, natural choice of colours, calm and cosy atmosphere to promote relaxation and well-being, pleasant indoor climate. Spatial quality Clear and friendly room structure, natural lighting and indirect lighting concept for a pleasant spatial effect and accentuation. Choice of materials Use of natural wood and woven textiles, delicate looking shelves made of thin metal profiles.

Floor plan