Hotel Estrel Berlin


Atmospheric compression

The Hotel Estrel in Berlin is the largest hotel in Germany. Following a redesign of the more than 1,000 rooms, brandherm + krumrey were approached for a design concept for the central atrium. As a modern interpretation of a classic piazza, the design proposes the reorganization and atmospheric densification of the reception area. The goal of the design is to develop a unified and concise design language for the reception area, which is adjacent to five different restaurants. The new atrium should immediately present itself to guests as an opening, modern and orderly scene. For this purpose, the surrounding facades are integrated into the design and upgraded. The focal point and central eye-catcher remains the existing water sculpture, around which individual areas are zoned. With flowing transitions, the gastronomic units remain individually experienceable. As a connecting element, a “swarm” of light fixtures divides the bright space of the atrium.

Hotel Estrel