enomyc GmbH

Design for new corporate culture

Enomyc GmbH is one of the leading consulting firms for medium-sized companies in Germany. Following a successful rebranding of the company, the new corporate culture was also to be expressed in its Hamburg headquarters. For the two office floors, brandherm + krumrey designed a versatile office world for collaborative and concentrated work with an open feel-good atmosphere. Built in 2019 by KPW Architekten, the new building housing Enomyc’s headquarters confidently presents itself on Hamburg’s Neuer Wall. The interior design responds to the high-quality architecture with a special level of detail. To visually connect the two levels of Enomyc, a unified look was developed for all office areas. Shapes, colors and materials follow the functional requirements of the modern working environment and at the same time create an open and inviting ambience. Rounded furniture in warm wood tones, colorful upholstered chairs and design objects such as a light ribbon meandering through the hallway serve as eye-catchers. Many large glass surfaces provide transparency and stand for openness and togetherness. This applies to the reception and conference areas as well as to the individual office of the management. Small telephone and meeting rooms are available as places of retreat. The heart of the new office world is the homelike kitchen. It forms a meeting point for all employees and invites not only to breaks, but also to casual meetings and lively exchanges – in keeping with the new corporate culture.

enomyc GmbH



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Joachim Grothus