Changde hotels


Authentic elegance

brandherm + krumrey are planning three new hotel buildings for a major urban project in the central Chinese city of Changde. Following the example of northern German architecture, a German quarter has been created in this metropolis of millions. The sponsor for this is the city of Hanover, which would like to further expand its cooperation with Changde. A nationally significant project with international appeal, the new quarter was built by the Rhinesheme architectural firm on the banks of the Chuanzi River. Here, visitors can stroll between brick houses and, for example, stop at a German restaurant. Three new hotels with echoes of German culture are being designed by brandherm + krumrey. Investor for the Brahms Grandhotel, the Hotel Pfaueninsel and the Otto Dix House is Changde Jingshanshui Investment Co. Ltd., operator is the international company Wyndham Hotels and Resort. Atmospherically, the interior design is based on the theme of the respective hotel – whereby the design language is characterized by a homely elegance. The three hotels are united by a modern, urban ambience like a common design thread. Many of the building materials are sourced from Germany to provide an authentic architectural style. Completion of the new hotel buildings is scheduled for fall 2018.

Changde, Hunan Government

Changde, China


RhineScheme, Beijing