Boardrooms for MTU

Comfort and intimacy

MTU Aero Engines AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft engines. For the more than 5,500 employees at the Munich site, a new communication centre with company catering was built, and brandherm + krumrey designed two boardrooms as part of the project. These rooms provide individual comfort and a high-quality environment for business meetings and discussions in a small circle.

The two-storey new building for company catering, implemented by RKW Architektur +, was designed by the Darmstadt-based architectural firm Lämmler und Falkenstein. Instead of a traditional canteen, a meeting place was created that invites communal dining and exchange. In addition to employee catering, this space also hosts business meals and small meetings. For the GourmetWerk on the first floor, brandherm + krumrey developed secluded booths with a pleasant atmosphere. The casino restaurant there was supplemented with two boardrooms for meetings, which offer more comfort and intimacy compared to traditional conference rooms in the new building. The round shapes for tables, lighting fixtures, and ceiling recesses contrast with the rather rigid building grid. Light natural wood floors, along with acoustically effective carpets and textile wall panels, emphasise the serene ambiance for undisturbed conversations. Conference furniture and walls in white and light grey shades further enhance the clean overall impression of these rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

MTU Aero Engines AG



Lämmler und Falkenstein/RKW Architektur +

Project team
Susanne Brandherm, Janina Jaekel, Anke Knauf

Joachim Grothus

Sustainability aspects

People in the rooms
Promotion of well-being and identification, creation of an individual spatial quality, needs-based planning

Spatial quality
Design for all senses, natural lighting and restrained lighting concept, measures to improve room acoustics, pleasant colour scheme

Choice of materials
Consideration of environmental aspects of materials, use of natural woods and woven textiles

Floor plan