BASF Digital Farming

Office meets landscape

The startup BASF Digital Farming GmbH offers digital products for agriculture under the brand xarvioTM. In designing a new working environment for the company in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen district, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture took up the theme of “digital farming”. The combination of open and closed workspaces with informal meeting areas reflects the structure of an abstract rural environment. The company BASF Digital Farming GmbH is based in one of the crane buildings in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen. The design of the approx. 1,900 square meter office space was guided on the one hand by the contrast between the latest digital tools and themes such as nature and country life. On the other hand, the special location with magnificent views of the city and the Rhine should also be shown to advantage. On this basis, brandherm + krumrey developed a wide range of spatial solutions. Like the private and public parts of a traditional village, spacious areas for meetings and informal encounters alternate with open workspaces and focus areas for concentrated activities. In between, lounge-like seating areas in front of the large panoramic windows offer views of the river. The charming contrast between technical and rural elements also dominates the choice of colors and materials. In contrast to the area’s rather rough industrial charm, wall surfaces in bright colors or made of natural materials such as wood and straw zone the focal areas. Acoustically effective room dividers with surfaces made of felt and other colored textiles also convey a homely atmosphere. The guiding idea of interior design extends to the details. The cafeteria area, which functions as a “marketplace,” has specially designed room dividers made of steel frames and expanded metal grids. Their industrial look contrasts tall growing plants and custom made lights that look like electric flowers. Thus, the interior design impressively reflects the corporate identity – between technology and nature, between traditional structures and ultra-modern methods.

BASF Digital Farming GmbH



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Joachim Grothus